Angela Browning and “Recess Moms” Endorse Angie Gallo

“For three long year,s we fought for daily recess for elementary school students – for our own kids, for your kids, for ALL kids. Angie Gallo joined us early on, stood by our side through thick and thin and continues to advocate on recess with us even today. We can say with 100% certainty that we would not have a recess mandate without Angie. Yes, this was a grassroots effort led by regular moms, but we needed guidance, advice, cheerleading, experience and someone to pound the pavement for our kids when we couldn’t be in Tallahassee. Angie was that person, that MOM. She has served our children well and we know she will continue to do so when she is elected to the school board. Orange County needs Angie Gallo. We are excited she is running for school board and are so proud to be supporting her candidacy. She will fight hard each day for students, parents and teachers of District 1, and for EVERY student, parent and teacher across OCPS and throughout the State of Florida. She always has, and we know she always will.”
– Angela Browning, Recess Mom