Angie Gallo is honored to be endorsed by:

“As our endorsee, we believe that Angie shares our goals to fight to strengthen public schools, improve employees’ working conditions and salaries, and work to make sure we have the tools and resources needed to ensure student success,” said Wendy Dormal, Orange County CTA President. “I have worked with Wendy and the Orange County CTA for many years on education. We have fought long and hard together to improve education and I am honored to receive their endorsement. It personally means a lot when others place confidence in my abilities to advocate for education for our children.  Angie Gallo has been an advocate for education for over 15 years. She has served on multiple Orange County School Committees and is currently the Legislative Chair for the Florida Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Angie was born and raised in Central Florida and is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. She lives in Orange County with her husband Vince and their two daughters who are graduates of Orange County Public Schools.”
– Orange County Classroom Teacher Association (CTA)

“For three long years, we fought for daily recess for elementary school students – for our own kids, for your kids, for ALL kids. Angie Gallo joined us early on, stood by our side through thick and thin and continues to advocate on recess with us even today. We can say with 100% certainty that we would not have a recess mandate without Angie. Yes, this was a grassroots effort led by regular moms, but we needed guidance, advice, cheerleading, experience and someone to pound the pavement for our kids when we couldn’t be in Tallahassee. Angie was that person, that MOM. She has served our children well and we know she will continue to do so when she is elected to the school board. Orange County needs Angie Gallo. We are excited she is running for school board and are so proud to be supporting her candidacy. She will fight hard each day for students, parents, and teachers of District 1, and for EVERY student, parent and teacher across OCPS and throughout the State of Florida. She always has, and we know she always will.”
– Angela Browning, Recess Mom

“It would be hard to imagine a better school board member than Angie Gallo.  Angie has worked tirelessly for the last 15 years both inside and outside the classroom.  Probably what is most impressive to me is that most of her time was spent lobbying to improve education for all students – not just her own children.  I believe that’s a rare quality as most people get involved in education when something affects their own children.  I’ve seen Angie go to bat to make things better for children all over our state.  She is also on top of what teachers need and understands the relationship between feeling valued and performance.  Angie Gallo is EXACTLY what the Orange County School Board needs – someone who is both accountable and accessible.”
– Kellyann Rohr, Guidance Counselor, Florida Virtual School

“I met Angie in 2009 when her youngest daughter entered middle school. From the very beginning, she made a huge impact on our school. She was She was very involved in the PTSA and the SAC and helped create the Christmas shop, brought back school dances so kids had a safe place to hang out, and spent countless hours raising money to clean up our school.  She is a hard worker who will always put the students first and understands the need to retain excellent teachers.  Angie Gallo is who we need representing us in District 1 for Orange County School Board.”

– Debbie Yeasted, OCPS Guidance Counselor

“Angie embodies the strong leadership qualities that the OCPS School Board needs, especially given the challenges our public schools face.  Angie has a proven record of advocacy, creating new paths for our children’s success.  She never shies away from a challenge and instead uses adversity to focus her determination to ensure all children are provided with the same opportunities to be career and college ready.”
Dr. Danielle Thomas, Director of Professional Development for Footsteps2Brilliance

“I’ve been an OCPS classroom teacher for 28 years. Angie Gallo has knowledge and experience that will be an asset to our school board. She is eager to listen to teachers and to work with the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association to improve working conditions and to find ways to retain great teachers. Angie will do what is right for students teachers and our schools.”
– Melodie Mihailoff, OCPS Teacher

“As a teacher, I have had the privilege of watching Angie parent her daughters, as well as serve students across the district.  She treats all children like they are her own and advocates for them with both heart and passion.”
– Tiffany Levine, OCPS Teacher